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Q: Is it okay if I bring my other kids along?

A: Yes, that’s absolutely fine!

Q: Where will I park?

A: We have free parking available near our building where you will be participating.

Q: How long does a visit take?

A: The studies vary in length, but visits typically take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Q: Will I be paid for participating?

A: Most of the time, your child will receive a small thank you gift to take home, such as a certificate and a photo. And sometimes, when funds allow it, we contribute to your baby’s piggy bank just for participating.

Q: Can you tell me how well my child did? Do you evaluate speech and language/attention/executive functioning/etc?

A: We look at trends across large groups of children at specific ages, so we do not evaluate or ‘score’ your child’s performance. We will share the findings with you in our newsletter and you will help us to better understand child development!

        If you are concerned about your child’s speech/language performance, you can contact UT’s Hearing and Speech Center.

Q: Can I help my child with the answers?

A: We usually ask parents not to help their kids during their participation, or give hints of any sorts, for the obvious reason that we are wanting to obtain accurate assessments of what children at that specific age range know.